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About Wilma and Willy

Wilma Wicked Wilma
Wilma was your typical housewife. She always had a clean house, great kids, a good job, and certainly knows how to have fun, but something was always missing. One day, while Wilma was at home preparing dinner, she stumbled across a recipe she had never tried before. After a few minutes of contemplation, she decided to try it. This recipe was spicy. It was playful. It was WICKED. After trying it, she quickly knew that this was exactly what she had been missing. Now Wilma refuses to go a day without it.

Wilma's Wicked Recipe:
-Two fists full of mischief
-A handful of excitement
-A dash of playfulness
-A pinch of spontaneity
-More spunk than the olive in the bottom of an empty Martini glass
Throw together and GO!
Willy Wicked Willy
Willy leads the average lifestyle. He has a blue-collar job, makes decent money, has a few good friends, and a wife. Willy would never outright admit this, but he has always thought this life was pretty dull. That is, until one day. On this particular day, he and his neighbor, Wilma, were discussing things that they had recently tried. When Wilma told him of the recipe for Wicked that she had tried, he had a light bulb go off over his head.
Was this the something that had been missing all of his life?
He convinced Wilma to share her beloved recipe, and soon realized that it was! Now that Willy knows how to be Wicked, his life is fun, adventurous, spontaneous, and mischievous.
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